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Wines from the southern slopes of Krndija, grown on the soil of Golden Valley are extremely high quality. In terms of quality have been recognized not only in Croatia but also in Europe. Fruitful Kutjevo vineyards give plenty of white grapes that hard work winemakers become white wines. Among them stand out: Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Sauvignon. Apart from white grapes, there are also excellent black grape varieties.

Ecological viticulture

Ecological cultivation of the vine is one of the peculiarities of the winery Mihaly. Fertilization is done with 100% organic manure. The grape harvest is done exclusively by hand. Green, late and ice harvest are also peculiarities winery Mihaly. The vineyard is located at 200-350 m above sea level. The average age is 14 years and comprises 3.4 hectares of white and 1.5 hectares of red varieties. Planting density is 5,000 vines / ha, ie. 2 m2 per tree. White and rose varieties are fermenting in inox, 15-24 days, depending on the must sweetness, at 14-16° C for white and 18-22° C for rose. Red wine ferments three weeks (depending on the tanin extraction) in vats with daily pomace immersion at 25-28° C. White and rose wines ripen in inox for 8-10 months. Red wines ripen eight months in inox and 24 months in oak barrels.

Wine Mihalj Tradition

Family Mihalj from Kutjevo cherishes the tradition of growing grapes and producing wine since 1953. The product of years of work and experience is the superior Riesling, which has repeatedly assessed gold medals. In addition to superior quality Grashevina, family Mihalj successfuly produces Gewurztraminer and Rhein Riesling from white wine, and a Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Portuguiser of red wines. One of the many awards, to which the family Mihalj is particularly proud of is the gold medal for the vintage wine Riesling from 1997. It won at our most prestigious wine fair in 2006. With their work, family Mihalj proved as one of the best wine producers in Kutjevo, Golden Valley and in the whole of Croatia.

History of Family Mihalj

Ivan Mihalj 1915.-1997. (at the image)

In the year 1953 Family Mihaly arrived in Kutjevo bought vineyards on three locations: Mačevo hill, Zaječovac and Under the cross. Cooperative relationship with the kutjevo winery - Kombinat 1990 is replaced with the establishment of agricultural family farm. In 1996 they opened a craft and are currently dominating with 4.5 hectares of vineyards where. They are growing the following grape varieties: Rein Riesling, Portugieser, Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Cabernet Sauvignon and Muscat rose. Their wines receive prestigious awards at major festivals of wine since 1994.

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Our Welschriesling boasts with championship medal from the 2008 harvest as the best rated Croatian wine. Wine with champion quality won the award Studec and was 173. wine in the Europe.


You can rent a house with eight beds in our vineyard. You can enjoy the tastes of Kutjevo wine and stay with us as you wish.


After you wake up, in front of you will extend the view from the southern slopes of Krndija in the beautiful golden valley (Vallis Aurea), the capital of wine in Croatia.

Wine varieties


Black wine

In the ten-year average Portugieser Mihalj characteristicaly has somewhat more pronounced acidity and specific cherry scent of continental type.


White wine

With the known characteristics of Kutjevo, Welschriesling has somewhat increased the acidity of its standard, slightly elevated fruity taste and particularly pronounced odor of vineyard peach.

Rhine Riesling

White wine

Riesling has an intense aroma with normal acid and specific smell that can compare with the smell of rowan.

Aromatic Traminac

White wine

Traminer due to the special conditions of this year's harvest, we managed to pick grapes with high sugar content. Traminer is characterized by the smell of acacia.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Black wine

Cabernet Sauvignon is intense ruby color that becomes purple. Its smell is intensely aromatic with fresh notes of dark berry fruits. Includes tightly structured tannins and a powerful body. The wine is warm, sophisticated and has the potential for maturation only if you manage to resist.

Muscat Rose

White wine

Muscat Rose is slightly red in color with bright pink hue. It has intense fruity odor of strawberry and cranberry, and is rich in floral aromas of rose. The flavor is delicately sweet, mild acidity and aroma of fruit on the palate gives the impression of freshness.

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